About The Owner

On Temp, Inc.

My name is Joe Guimaraes, owner of On-Temp Inc, and this is the background story of the company I worked hard to build from the ground up.

As a son of immigrant parents, I was taught at a young age the true meaning of hard work and dedication. After my father’s passing when I was young, I watched my mother work countless jobs to take care of my brother and I. She is where my drive came from. I knew I had to work hard to make a life I could be proud of.

My interest in HVAC started in high school when I was attending Bristol Plymouth Vocational High School. I was in the HVAC program throughout my 4 years there and started my COOP job in 2000. After graduating I continued to work for that same HVAC company for 18 years, learning all the tools of the trade and sharpening my expertise. After turning 35 in 2018 I knew I needed a change. I had all the tools I needed to go off on my own and build a company I knew could be successful. I was hard working and determined and wanted to bring my knowledge and expertise to all my potential customers. I needed something to make my family proud of. This became the start of On-Temp Inc.

When a customer calls On-Temp Inc. for service, they can expect a company that listens to their concerns and is willing to make sure that we address them properly. On-Temp isn’t just a company to me…it bares my name as well as my family’s. I work hard not to tarnish the respect and name I have built with our customers and the respect I aim to gain with each new customer. We aim to make not only our customers proud of our work but our community as well. We understand that things can’t always run perfectly, but we aim to get as close as possible. We appreciate you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us and our history.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service you because without you, there would be no On-Temp.